The Summer Dilemma

It goes a little like this, the sun comes out to play but my hair, feet, arms, tummy and butt just don’t want to. No matter what I wear to make me look good I just look um …..not quite right. Come on now, truthfully how many of you have thought this? Especially when the weather gods play rain and sun games all week.

I have a simple tiny solution for this in the form of an oil. A high neck, below the knee, zipped up back dress, cap sleeve? Or your over the bum sexy shorts? A long sleeve t-shirt with your pencil skirt? No problem as you will be using your Nuxe glow body oil to get you the smoothest skin in town. That is right the sexy friend you will pack everywhere this summer. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil can be used on your hair, legs, arms, butt on well anything but your bits, it gives you the best French Girl glow ever. N guys you can also use it too. So many of you handsome city slickers out there just need a little glow. The bottle comes in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes. If it is one thing I ask you to invest in this summer it is this.

Just a little secret about this product…whilst you are glowing, and bedazzling everything in your path, it is nourishing your hair and repairing your skin. But a word of warning do not use it as a tanning oil for obvious reasons…ok I will spell it will burn so do not make it a substitute for your regular SPF sun lotion/oil. So go gently, lightly and safely on your way. And have a happy skin glow day.



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