Pretty Printed Shorts

Summer is here, printed shorts are in! The prettier the better. In this blog we have provided three looks – the Girl Next Door, the Bold and the Sporty.


Blossom Shorts

These woven jacquard  floral shorts by Stella McCartney have been styled with a black vintage Moschino Cheap Chic Butterflies and Flowers Silk Flutter top, providing a stark contrast. Pretty Pastels theme this set from the bag to the shoes.


Turquoise Shorts

By complete contrast this second set is for those who like bold colours. This Trina Truck Floral-Print Mosaic short from Neiman Marcus has been complemented with a turquoise wrap front top by M&CO know for enhancing your feminine curves . #MumsAreCool

Addias Shorts

No shorts collection would be complete without a sports set. These fun Adidas shorts by Pharrel Williams have been dressed with funky sunglasses and ‘very cool bag‘ and leafy Vans with complimentary watch




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