Floral is in full bloom

Floral is huge this season and Hackney Girl is here to inspire you.

Floral can be a very girlie concept, however believe it or not, it can also be sexy. Here are 2 looks which demonstrate how floral can be sexy or girlie:

Sexy Floral

Sexy floral

Stunning black pencil skirt- House of Fraser £69
Red Top – Luxury Divas £10
Michael Kors Sienna Black Sandal – 6pm £70

Girlie Floral

girl Floral

Black Peach Blossom Printed Skater Skirt – Maykool £15
Bluegirl Folies Top – Yoox £108
Casual Friday Ballet Pumps – Go Jane £8.59

A pencil skirt was used in the first look  to extenuate the curves, and although both skirts are black, the sexy look was coupled with red, the girlie look, pink.

In the first look I used heels to give height, also making the legs look longer. In the second, flats to run with the theme- petite.

However in the first look I used a simpler top to draw attention to the skirt. But in the second look I used a more expensive, softer top with a bow to further soften the look creating that girlie style.

Most stylist either go high end or high street, in this instance I used a bit of both, so you can see Mixing and Matching is not a sin!






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